The situation is different today compared to 20 years ago when you need to meet your friends in person to socialise. Nowadays, group chatting is widely used to update on community or personal issues. People prefer to chat in social media rather than meeting in person even though they are just around the corner. The current generation which being named as millennials generation now has become addicted to social media and sharing almost everything under the sky.

We can’t blame the technology for all those addiction and overexposure of the private information through the internet. That’s what the trend we have today and nobody wants to be left behind in this kind of technology. Otherwise, you will be called as outdated or be being left behind not only by the trends but by the other development all over the world, as even the world breaking news also usually coming through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

For business purposes, discussions need to be done by meeting face to face rather than discussing over email and telephone discussion. That’s why I do agree with Susan Tardanico in her article in Forbes website, that people need to meet over golf session from time to time rather than sticks to social media discussion all the time. The relationship will get deeper among partners and the agreement on terms will be done easier as all discussions are being negotiated directly to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation.