It all started in 1979 as a simple news on the newsgroup before the social media entered its medieval era when Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was being introduced in 1988 to be the most important social networking device at the moment. Then ICQ was being introduced in 1996 to have more intimate or closer relationship between two people or in a group chatting.

Six Degrees and Live Journal came later in 1997 and 1999 respectively as the platform to give the users the platform to share their thought and personalised their own personal pages.

Then the most recent history of social media, the golden era of social media where my generation 80’s kids were being raised. From the introduction of Wikipedia, Friendster, Hi5, MySpace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc, people just can’t get enough of social media these days. Even today, new social media kept being introduced and people get used to the majority of them.

For more details on the timeline of the social media era, refer this infographic.