The Impact of the Advent of the World Wide Web and, later, of Social Media on Interpersonal Communication



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​Misinterpretation in Social Media

Nowadays, people are using a set of new terms that came concurrently with the emergence of the social networking sites, for example, meme, viral, blogging, tagging and tweeting. Those words are among many other terms that being introduced to complement the... Continue Reading →


Facebook maintains the top spot

As of April 2016, Facebook still maintains its popularity among the social media users since April 2008. It's already 8 years when it surpassed the popularity of MySpace and it seems that it will maintain that way for quite some time in the... Continue Reading →

The History of Social Media

It all started in 1979 as a simple news on the newsgroup before the social media entered its medieval era when Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was being introduced in 1988 to be the most important social networking device at the moment. Then... Continue Reading →

Does social media sabotaging real communication?

The situation is different today compared to 20 years ago when you need to meet your friends in person to socialise. Nowadays, group chatting is widely used to update on personal issues. People prefer to chat in social media rather than meeting in person even though they are just around the corner. The current generation which being named as millennials generation now has become addicted to social media and sharing almost everything under the sky.

The Chosen One

I have chosen one of the given topics; "Critically analyse the impact of the advent of the World Wide Web and, later, of social media, on interpersonal communications" for the essay and also to be supported by this WordPress task and its critical report.

New Task

I started this WordPress as part of an assignment needed to be completed by the end of the semester. A topic needed to be discussed in this WordPress to show my understanding of the designated issues.

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