Facebook, for example, is one of many social media platforms that play a big role in maintaining long distance relationship. Family and friends can regularly update their condition and situation to their loved one even they are far away from each other. While other social media platforms such as Skype and Facetime also offer video call to make the interaction between the users more lively as it involves non-verbal communication as well.

With Skype or Facetime, the users can see the face impressions, body signals and postures to give more depth experiences in communicating with the other user. With the relatively easy access to the internet in the most part of the world, long distance relationship can’t be a  problem anymore.

This is the best benefit the social media users can get in communication when they can reach out to their loved one even there are separated by seas, rivers or even mountains. At the end of the day as stated by Natasha Koifmen, the President of NKPR, a public relation consultant, in an article in Huffington Post:

“The key is, using online communication as something that enhances your pre-existing relationships and helps connect you to new faces, giving you the opportunity to share your interests, passions and personality with more of the world at large.”

Credit feature image: Long Distance Relationship Designed by Freepik