The regular usage of social media has become the part of our everyday life. In fact, we can’t live without social media as it has become our daily doses to update ourself of what’s happening all around the world. We use it frequently to communicate to family and friends and we get attracted to know more by reading all the social media updates. Some even think it is difficult to live without one.

The impacts of these networking sites are important because they are playing an important role in shaping our behaviours. They are definitely affecting relationships if the addictedness toward social media cannot be controlled by the very person himself or herself. With the social media, we tend to focus all the time on the screen of the smartphone rather than talking to the one that standing beside us in the house, our parent or other family members.

Most of the time in nowadays culture, communication between family members is also being done via social media and this situation might create a gap between them. The togetherness feeling is getting decreased throughout the time and the gap getting bigger when any of them started to leave the house due to different situations, such as getting into university, marriage, started working in a different city and other reasons.

The language of social media isn’t showing your full emotions even though there are emoticons that are being created to put some emotional touch in the sentence. Thus, misinterpretation and misunderstanding might occur here and there to widen the gap without us realise. We can conclude that the revolution in social media has brought drastic changes to family life and children tend to know more about their friends than their parents and siblings.

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