As a conclusion, the advent of World Wide Web and social media platforms is beneficial in terms of improving interpersonal communication. With the access to the most parts of the world, wherever they are going, they can reach out to anyone they want just in mere seconds with the help of social media. The distance can be shortened; the news can be updated; the information can be gathered with just a single click on the social media.

However, we cannot get rid of some negative impacts of the social media when it being used too regularly than usual we have before. The likelihood of addictedness towards the social media, quality aspects of messages sent via social media and the rising of cyber bullying are among negative impacts of the advent of social media towards interpersonal communication.

The best advice for the social media users; use the social media moderately to get the best benefit it can offer while at the same time trying to avoid manipulating social media in unhealthy means. By doing so, it will minimise the negative impacts by balancing towards the positive effects of its invention.