Nowadays, people are using a set of new terms that came concurrently with the emergence of the social networking sites, for example, meme, viral, blogging, tagging and tweeting. Those words are among many other terms that being introduced to complement the social networking sites. The introduction of these new glossaries may confuse new users especially those who are not from the generation of the golden era of the social media.

The confusion caused by the usage of new terms in the social app between people of different generations may distort the real message that senders are trying to deliver. This could lead to misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the messages which will lead to another embarrassment moment and unfortunate situation afterwards.

Even among family members, the social messaging app is regularly being used to get in touch and communicate. If confusion happened, it can even lead to disunity and family dispute. Most of the time, the sender will try to rectify the confusion to ease the tension but on certain cases, it will lead to divorces, running away from home or even cutting ties with family members.